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Transliterate देवनागरी ⇔ IAST
prefix basic meaning example
अति beyond, over, too much अति + क्रम् (1P) [step]
अतिक्रमति "s/he transgresses"
अधि above, on top, over अधि + कृ (8P) [do, make]
अधिकरोति "s/he authorises"
अनु after, following अनु + सृ (1P) [move, spread]
अनुसरति "s/he follows behind"
अप off, away from अप + नी (1P) [lead]
अपनयति "s/he takes away"
अपि unto, close upon अपि + धा (3P) [close, shut]
अपिदधाति "s/he closes, shuts"
अभि toward, facing अभि + गम (1P) [go]
अभिगच्छति "s/he approaches"
अव down, downward अव + तॄ (1P) [cross over]
अवतरति "s/he descends"
unto, towards + दा (3P) [give]
आददाति "s/he takes"
उद् up, out, towards उद् + पत् (1P) [fall]
उत्पतति "s/he flies"
उप near, next to, beside उप + स्था (1P) [stand, stay]
उपतिष्टति "s/he waits for"
नि into, down नि + पत् (1P) [fall]
निपतति "s/he falls down"
out of, away from निर् + गम् (1P) [go]
निर्गच्छति "s/he goes out, departs"
परा opposite, in reverse परा + भू (1P) [be, become]
पराभवति "s/he is defeated"
परि around, about परति + नी (1P) [lead]
परिणयति "s/he marries"
प्र forth, forward, onward प्र + हस् (1P) [laugh]
प्रहसति "s/he laughs at, ridicules"
प्रति against, back to प्रति + कृ (8P) [do, make]
प्रतिकरोति "s/he remedies, counteracts"
वि apart, distinct, different वि + स्मृ (1P) [remember]
विस्मरति "s/he forgets"
सम् together, along with सम् + + गम् (1P) [go]
समागच्छति "s/he assembles, comes together"